Load partial view in a div MVC


I have a button on my MVC view on click of it, it should add a partial view in a 'div', by calling an action which takes an object as a parameter

I tried out some thing like this:


$('#divid').load(@Html.Action("ActionName","ControllerName",new{parameterName = objectToPass}))


but it loads the actionresult/partial view on page load itself not a click of button

Any Idea?

3/1/2018 4:47:37 PM

Load Partial View in a div MVC 4

Recently I want load Partal View in Div , after doing lots of R&D and It's work for me

    type: 'POST',
    url: '@Url.Content("~/ControllerName/ActionName")',
    data: {
        title: title
    success: function(result) {
        $('#divid').innerHTML = result;

And In Partal View Action Controller Code

public PartialViewResult ShowCategoryForm(string title)
    Model model = new Model();
    model.Title = title;
    return PartialView("~/Views/ControllerName/PartalView.cshtml", model);

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function () {
        $('#buttonId').click(function () {
            $('#divid').load('@Url.Action("About", "Home")');

<a id="buttonId">Load partial view or Any URL</a>

<div id="divid" style="height:100px; width:400px";>


load require a string, you are generating a variable path if you look at your source code it generate something like:


but what you want is:


the code should look like:

    $('#divid').load('@Html.Action("ActionName","ControllerName",new{parameterName = objectToPass})');

but as I can see the load should be working until you click on #buttonId


On ajax call success function append result

ajax call=>

url: 'controllername/methodname'
 success: function (partialviewresult)

  // inside controller
 public ActionResult methodname()
    return PartialView("~/a/a.cshtml");

and controller must return partialview as result


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