How do I clear/delete the current line in terminal?


If I'm using terminal and typing in a line of text for a command, is there a hotkey or any way to clear/delete that line?

For example, if my current line/command is something really long like:

> git log --graph --all --blah..uh oh i want to cancel and clear this line <cursor is here now>

Is there a hotkey or command to go from the above to:



Usually I will press the key, and if my current line is a brand new one on the history, that will clear it. But if I'm going through my command history via the key and start editing or using those commands, will only change the prompt to the next newest command in history, so it doesn't work here unless I press multiple times.

3/21/2016 4:28:16 AM

Accepted Answer

You can use Ctrl+U to clear up to the beginning.

You can use Ctrl+W to delete just a word.

You can also use Ctrl+C to cancel.

If you want to keep the history, you can use Alt+Shift+# to make it a comment.

Bash Emacs Editing Mode Cheat Sheet

2/4/2018 9:41:54 AM

I have the complete shortcuts list:

  1. Ctrl+a Move cursor to start of line
  2. Ctrl+e Move cursor to end of line
  3. Ctrl+b Move back one character
  4. Alt+b Move back one word
  5. Ctrl+f Move forward one character
  6. Alt+f Move forward one word
  7. Ctrl+d Delete current character
  8. Ctrl+w Cut the last word
  9. Ctrl+k Cut everything after the cursor
  10. Alt+d Cut word after the cursor
  11. Alt+w Cut word before the cursor
  12. Ctrl+y Paste the last deleted command
  13. Ctrl+_ Undo
  14. Ctrl+u Cut everything before the cursor
  15. Ctrl+xx Toggle between first and current position
  16. Ctrl+l Clear the terminal
  17. Ctrl+c Cancel the command
  18. Ctrl+r Search command in history - type the search term
  19. Ctrl+j End the search at current history entry
  20. Ctrl+g Cancel the search and restore original line
  21. Ctrl+n Next command from the History
  22. Ctrl+p previous command from the History

Ctrl+A, Ctrl+K to wipe the current line in the terminal. You can then recall it with Ctrl+Y if you need.


or if your using vi mode, hit Esc followed by cc

to get back what you just erased, Esc and then p :)


I'm not sure if you love it but I use Ctrl+A (to go beginning the line) and Ctrl+K (to delete the line) I was familiar with these commands from emacs, and figured out them accidently.


An alternative to Ctrl+A, Ctrl+K is Ctrl+E, Ctrl+U.


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