Can I change the fill color of an svg path with CSS?


I have the following code:

     <svg height="32" version="1.1" width="32" xmlns="" style="overflow: hidden; position: relative; left: -0.0166626px; top: -0.983337px;">
        <path style="" fill="#333333" stroke="none" d="M15.985,5.972C8.422,5.972,2.289999999999999,10.049,2.289999999999999,15.078C2.289999999999999,17.955,4.302999999999999...............1,27.68,22.274Z"/>

Is it possible to change the fill color of the SVG path with CSS or some other means without actually changing it inside the path tag?

2/7/2017 7:35:50 PM

if you want to change color by hovering in the element, try this:


If you go into the source code of an SVG file you can change the color fill by modifying the fill property.

<svg fill="#3F6078" height="24" viewBox="0 0 24 24" width="24" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">

Use your favorite text editor, open the SVG file and play around with it.


you put this css for svg circle.

svg:hover circle{
    fill: #F6831D;
    stroke-dashoffset: 0;
    stroke-dasharray: 700;
    stroke-width: 2;

I came across an amazing resource on css-tricks:

There are a handful of solutions explained there.

I preferred the one that required minimal edits to the source svg, and also didn't require it to be embedded into the html document. This option utilizes the <object> tag.

Add the svg file into your html using <object>; I also declared html attributes width and height. Using these width and heights the svg document does not get scaled, I worked around that using a css transform: scale(...) statement for the svg tag in my associated svg css file.

<object type="image/svg+xml" data="myfile.svg" width="64" height="64"></object>

Create a css file to attach to your svn document. My source svg path was scaled to 16px, I upscaled it to 64 with a factor of four. It only had one path so I did not need to select it more specifically, however the path had a fill attribute so I had to use !IMPORTANT to force the css to take precedent.

#svg2 {
    width: 64px; height: 64px;
    transform: scale(4);
path {
    fill: #333 !IMPORTANT;

Edit your target svg file, before the opening <svg tag, to include a stylesheet; Note that the href is relative to the svg file url.

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="myfile.css" ?>

It's possible to change the path fill color of the svg. See below for the CSS snippet:

  1. To apply the color for all the path: svg > path{ fill: red }

  2. To apply for the first d path: svg > path:nth-of-type(1){ fill: green }

  3. To apply for the second d path: svg > path:nth-of-type(2){ fill: green}

  4. To apply for the different d path, change only the path number:
    svg > path:nth-of-type(${path_number}){ fill: green}

  5. To support the CSS in Angular 2 to 8, use the encapsulation concept:

:host::ng-deep svg path:nth-of-type(1){

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