Best C++ IDE for *nix


What is the best C++ IDE for a *nix envirnoment? I have heard the C/C++ module of Eclipse is decent as well as Notepad++ but beyond these two I have no real idea. Any thoughts or comments?

9/17/2008 2:18:50 AM

Accepted Answer

On Ubuntu, some the IDEs that are available in the repositories are:

There is also:

  • Eclipse (Recommended you don't install from repositories, due to issues with file/folder permissions)
  • Code::blocks

And of course, everyone's favourite text-based editors:

  • vi/vim
  • emacs

Its true that vim and emacs are very powerful tools, but the learning curve is very steep..

I really don't like Eclipse that much, I find it buggy and a bit too clunky.
I've started using Geany as a bare-bones but functional and usable IDE. It has a basic code-completion feature, and is a nice, clean [Gnome] interface.
Anjuta I tried for a day, didn't like it at all. I didn't find it as useful as Geany.

Kdevelop and code::blocks get a bunch of good reviews, but I haven't tried them. I use gnome, and I'm yet to see a KDE app that looks good in gnome (sorry, I'm sure its a great program).

If only bloodshed dev-c++ was released under linux. That is a fantastic (but windows-only) program. You could always run it under Wine ;)

To a degree, it comes down to personal preference. My advice is to investigate Kdevelop, Geany and code::blocks as a starting point.

9/17/2008 2:43:42 AM

I'm surprised noone has mentioned Qt Creator, as it's available in most repositories, quite small in size and yet does most things I need very well.


I would recommend CodeBlocks.


  • Open Source! GPLv3, no hidden costs.
  • Cross-platform. Runs on Linux, Mac, Windows (uses wxWidgets).
  • Written in C++. No interpreted languages or proprietary libs needed.
  • Extensible through plugins


  • Multiple compiler support:
    • GCC (MingW / GNU GCC)
    • MSVC++
    • Digital Mars
    • Borland C++ 5.5
    • Open Watcom
    • ...and more

I just use Emacs.


Emacs is a fantastic, stay-out-of-my-way-but-be-able-to-do-everything kind of IDE. See this other related question: Using Emacs as an IDE


My vote is KDevelop (I wish I had more points so I can "vote up", so I could just agree with others indirectly than comment).

I've been using Eclipse for about couple years now for personal use, convincing myself that "since IBM donated it, it must be good", but then I've discovered KDevelop and never turned back. Because I'm quite spoiled with Microsoft Visual Studio for professional use, thus KDevelop felt the most comfortable to me.

I want to enjoy programming as a hobby, not spend time looking up what ctrl-k-k and ctrl-k-b does. Like others has mentioned, whatever "feels right" to them is the best IDE. For me, KDevelop feels the most comfortable because I can concentrate on coding (I could probably remap the keys to other IDE's to make it feel like VS, but as mentioned, I rather invest my time coding, which is more fun).


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