How to run a hello.js file in Node.js on windows?


I am trying to run a hello world program written in javascript in a separate file named hello.js

Currently running windows version of node.js.

The code runs perfectly in console window but how do I reference the path in windows environment.


in Unix I guess it is showing $ node hello.js

I'm absolutely new to Node.js Please correct me if I am doing something wrong.

I tried

> node C:\abc\zyx\hello.js ----didn't work

> C:\abc\zyx\hello.js --didn't work


Added node.exe to the folder where hello.js file is sitting.
Added path point to the folder c:\abc\zyx\ and I get an error that says

ReferenceError: hello is not defined

see contents of hello.js

setTimeout(function() {
}, 2000);


So far I have tried all these version and none of them seems to work. May be I am doing something completely wrong.

>node hello.js
>$ node hello.js
>node.exe hello.js
>node /hello.js
>node \hello.js
> \node \hello.js
> /node /hello.js
> C:\abc\xyz\node.exe C:\abc\xyz\hello.js
> C:\abc\xyz\node.exe C:/abc/xyz/hello.js
> hello.js
> /hello.js
> \hello.js
>node hello

Refer to my file structure

├── hello.js
├── node.exe
└── paths.txt

RESOLVED: Instead of running node.exe, try running in command prompt with the following option and it worked.

c:\>node c:\abc\hello.js
World! (after 2 secs)
4/6/2020 3:13:32 PM

Accepted Answer

Here are the exact steps I just took to run the "Hello World" example found at This is a quick and dirty example. For a permanent installation you'd want to store the executable in a more reasonable place than the root directory and update your PATH to include its location.

  1. Download the Windows executable here:
  2. Copy the file to C:\
  3. Create C:\hello.js
  4. Paste in the following content:
    var http = require('http');
    http.createServer(function (req, res) {
      res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});
      res.end('Hello World\n');
    }).listen(1337, "");
    console.log('Server running at');
  1. Save the file
  2. Start -> Run... -> cmd
  3. c:
  4. C:>node hello.js

    Server running at

That's it. This was done on Windows XP.

10/22/2013 7:47:50 PM

Install the MSI file: Go to the installed directory C:\Program Files\nodejs from command prompt n

C:\>cd C:\Program Files\nodejs enter..

node helloworld.js


Hello World


You need to make sure that node is in your PATH. To set up your path, this out.

Make sure that the directory that has node.exe is in your PATH. Then you should be able to run node path_to_js_file.js.

For a good "Hello World" example, check out:


another simple way

  1. download nodejs to your system
  2. open a notepad write js command "console.log('Hello World');"
  3. save the file as hello.js preferably same location as nodejs
  4. open command prompt navigate to the location where the nodejs is located
    c:\program files\nodejs
  5. and run the command from the location like c:\program files\nodejs>node hello.js
  6. in case the js file in another location give the path of file c:\program files\nodejs>node path\hello.js

I installed node for windows. There is a node.js command prompt when I search for node.js in windows 7 start menu If you run this special command prompt, you can node anything in any location without setting up the path or copy node.exe everywhere.


WinXp: I have created a .bat file

node c:\path\to\file\my_program.js

That just run my_program.bat from Explorer or in cmd window