What's the best HTML WYSISYG editor available to web developers and why?


There are many different flavored HTML WYSIWYG editors from javascript to ASP.Net web controls, but all too often the features are the same. Does anyone have a favorite HTML editor they like to use in projects? Why?

9/30/2008 5:56:20 PM

Accepted Answer

I'm partial to TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor due to the following reasons:

  1. Javascript - so it is broadly usable regardless of the platform I'm working in.

  2. Easy to use - just a couple lines of code and a textarea and the control is up and running.

  3. Easily themed - so I can quickly make it look like the site in which it is being used

  4. Most importantly - easily customized to show/hide particular buttons depending on my application needs

9/15/2008 7:16:25 PM

I have had decent luck with the FCKEditor in my ASP.Net applications.


TinyMCE is great because its very easy to customise and to write plugins for.

It's also been around for a while so there are plenty of resources and help available for it.


If you're talking about editing components (as opposed to stand-alone apps like DreamWeaver) I've used CuteEditor, TinyMCE, FCKEditor, eWebEditPro, and Telerik's RAD Editor. They all have thier plusses and minuses, and you have to get used to their way of seeing the world. The HTML they spit out varies greatly, and I find I frequently have to tweak the results.


If you're looking for WYSIWYG editor to place on a web site, I like TinyMCE. Free with a decent community for support.


I use TinyMCE in my projects. I did my research quite some time ago, but am still happy:

  • filters MS Word HTML better
  • has less files than FCKe :)
  • has a free adaptation of FCKe plugins for advanced file and image manipulation, tinymcpuk

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