Removing whitespace from strings in Java


I have a string like this:

mysz = "name=john age=13 year=2001";

I want to remove the whitespaces in the string. I tried trim() but this removes only whitespaces before and after the whole string. I also tried replaceAll("\\W", "") but then the = also gets removed.

How can I achieve a string with:

mysz2 = "name=johnage=13year=2001"
3/28/2011 7:29:38 AM


\w = Anything that is a word character

\W = Anything that isn't a word character (including punctuation etc)

\s = Anything that is a space character (including space, tab characters etc)

\S = Anything that isn't a space character (including both letters and numbers, as well as punctuation etc)

(Edit: As pointed out, you need to escape the backslash if you want \s to reach the regex engine, resulting in \\s.)


The most correct answer to the question is:

String mysz2 = mysz.replaceAll("\\s","");

I just adapted this code from the other answers. I'm posting it because besides being exactly what the question requested, it also demonstrates that the result is returned as a new string, the original string is not modified as some of the answers sort of imply.

(Experienced Java developers might say "of course, you can't actually modify a String", but the target audience for this question may well not know this.)


How about replaceAll("\\s", ""). Refer here.


One way to handle String manipulations is StringUtils from Apache commons.

String withoutWhitespace = StringUtils.deleteWhitespace(whitespaces);

You can find it here. commons-lang includes lots more and is well supported.


If you need to remove unbreakable spaces too, you can upgrade your code like this :

st.replaceAll("[\\s|\\u00A0]+", "");

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