What would it take to make OpenID mainstream?


OpenID is a great idea in principle, but the UI and the explanation as to why it is good are currently not tailored for general use -- what do you think it would take to make OpenID work for the general public? Can this be solved with technology, or is the problem so intrinsically hard that we are stuck with difficult explanations/multi-step registration procedures, numerous accounts, or poor security?

7/11/2009 2:49:40 AM

I think it'll take a huge buy-in from a site that millions of people use; for example, MySpace is soon supporting OpenID, so now the number of users that OpenID supports has just jumped by a huge amount. If more of the high activity sites on the net follow this lead, there you go!


It will take all the popular sites supporting it and making it transparent to the user.

"You can make a useraccount here, or if you use MySpace, Google Mail, Hotmail, etc then you can sign in using OpenID."

Don't sell it as a new service, sell it as being able to sign in using a different ID from another site.

The issue, however, is that with everyone supporting it each user will now have a myspace id, google id, etc. Now if they sign onto stackoverflow with their myspace id then later with google they may be perplexed that stackoverflow doesn't recognize them.

I wonder if openid has a solution for linking openid accounts so they are one and the same - I doubt the technology allows for it, since they are essentially independant signing authorities. Google would have to share data with Myspace and vice versa to enable that...


ISPs should provide openIds to all their customers that mimic their e-mail addresses. Perhaps openID needs to support automatic translation of [email protected] into so that ISPs can easily set this up on a separate server.


I don't think it will become mainstream. I think Ted Dziuba gets it right when he says it solves a "problem" that most people don't consider to be worth solving.


It will have to get a hell of a lot simpler, with easier-to-remember IDs.


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