Is Visual Studio 2003 still available/supported


Pretty much what the title says really.

We have some code that is .NET 1.1 based and no real desire to up-convert it. However, we are looking to add developers to the team and they will need copies of Visual Studio.

My understanding is that they will need VS 2003 - as this is the only IDE that supports .NET 1.1 but I am wondering if we are still able to purchase it!

9/8/2008 4:05:17 PM

Accepted Answer

Visual Studio 2003 is still available to download for MSDN subscribers.

The EULA for Visual Studio includes a 'downgrade' clause, which appears, IMNAL, to allow you to buy Visual Studio 2008 and then install 2003 under the same license.

DOWNGRADE. You may install and use this version and an earlier version of the software at the same time. This agreement applies to your use of the earlier version. If the earlier version includes different components, any terms for those components in the agreement that comes with the earlier version apply to your use of them. Microsoft is not obligated to supply earlier versions to you.

9/8/2008 4:10:00 PM

Mainstream support for VS2003 ends in October of this year:

Extended support (whatever that means) is still available for quite some time.


In addition to Espo's link, look into MSBee, an enhancements kit for MSBuild to better support .NET Framework 1.1.

It seems you can even use .NET 1.1 with Visual Studio 2008, though, so you should have no problem.

That said, I'd be interested in hearing what made you choose against upgrading.


Supported: Yes
Available: Not through normal channels. You might still find a boxed copy on Amazon or somewhere.


.NET 1.1 code can be imported in VS 2005, as .NET 2.0 is backward compatible with .NET 1.1.

You'll probably have to convert the project, but it should still run in VS 2005.


I believe that vs2003 looses support in october