how to display employee names starting with a and then b in sql


i want to display the employee names which having names start with a and b ,it should be like list will display employees with 'a' as a first letter and then the 'b' as a first letter...

so any body tell me what is the command to display these...

9/17/2010 10:06:34 PM

Accepted Answer

To get employee names starting with A or B listed in order...

select employee_name 
from employees
where employee_name LIKE 'A%' OR employee_name LIKE 'B%'
order by employee_name

If you are using Microsoft SQL Server you could use

where employee_name  LIKE '[A-B]%'
order by employee_name

This is not standard SQL though it just gets translated to the following which is.

WHERE  employee_name >= 'A'
       AND employee_name < 'C' 

For all variants you would need to consider whether you want to include accented variants such as Á and test whether the queries above do what you want with these on your RDBMS and collation options.

7/29/2018 12:50:42 PM

Regular expressions work well if needing to find a range of starting characters. The following finds all employee names starting with A, B, C or D and adds the “UPPER” call in case a name is in the database with a starting lowercase letter. My query works in Oracle (I did not test other DB's). The following would return for example:

This query also ignores case in the ORDER BY via the "lower" call:

SELECT employee_name 
FROM employees
WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(UPPER(TRIM(employee_name)), '^[A-D]')
ORDER BY lower(employee_name)

select employee_name 
from employees
where employee_name LIKE 'A%' OR employee_name LIKE 'B%'
order by employee_name

What cfengineers said, except it sounds like you will want to sort it as well.

select columns
  from table
 where (
         column like 'a%' 
      or column like 'b%' )
order by column

Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to check out some tutorials on SQL, it's pretty interesting.


select name_last, name_first
from employees
where name_last like 'A%' or name_last like 'B%'
order by name_last, name_first asc

select * 
from stores 
where name like 'a%' or 
name like 'b%' 
order by name

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