Position a CSS background image x pixels from the right?


I think the answer is no, but can you position a background image with CSS, so that it is a fixed amount of pixels away from the right?

If I set background-position values of x and y, it seems those only give fixed pixel adjustments from the left and top respectively.

12/6/2016 9:59:00 PM

It is possible to use attribute border as length from the right

background: url('/img.png') no-repeat right center;
border-right: 10px solid transparent;

There is one way but it's not supported on every browser (see coverage here)

element {
  background-position : calc(100% - 10px) 0;

It works in every modern browser, but it is possible that IE9 is crashing. Also no coverage for =< IE8.


As far as I know, the CSS specification does not provide for exactly what you're asking, outside of CSS expressions, of course. Working off the assumption that you don't want to use expressions or Javascript, I see three hackish solutions:

  • Make sure your background image matches the size of the container (at least in width) and set background-repeat: repeat or repeat-x if only the width is equalized. Then, having something appear x pixels from the right is as simple as background-position: -5px 0px.
  • Using percentages for background-position exhibits special behaviour that is better seen than described here. Give it a shot. Essentially, background-position: 90% 50% will make the right edge of the background image line up 10% away from the right edge of the container.
  • Create a div containing the image. Explicitly set the position of the containing element position: relative if not already set. Set the image container to position: absolute; right: 10px; top: 10px;, obviously adjusting the final two as you see fit. Place the image div container into the containing element.

Try this:

#myelement {
  background-position: 100% 50%;
  margin-right: 5px;

Note though that the code above will move the whole element (not the background image only) 5px from the right. This might be ok for your case.


You can do it in CSS3:

background-position: right 20px bottom 20px;

It works in Firefox, Chrome, IE9+

Source: MDN


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