Convert PEM to PPK file format


Is there a way to convert PEM files to PPK files? (you may guess that Amazon EC2 gives me a PEM file, and I need to use the PPK format for SSH connectivity).

2/5/2019 2:55:27 PM

I'm rather shocked that this has not been answered since the solution is very simple.

As mentioned in previous posts, you would not want to convert it using C#, but just once. This is easy to do with PuTTYGen.

  1. Download your .pem from AWS
  2. Open PuTTYgen
  3. Click "Load" on the right side about 3/4 down
  4. Set the file type to *.*
  5. Browse to, and Open your .pem file
  6. PuTTY will auto-detect everything it needs, and you just need to click "Save private key" and you can save your ppk key for use with PuTTY



  1. Download puttygen
  2. Then open puttygen
  3. click load
  4. Set the file type to . all files
  5. Save PrivateKey
  6. and then u can just save any name that file became an ppk file

To SSH connectivity to AWS EC2 instance, You don't need to convert the .PEM file to PPK file even on windows machine, Simple SSH using 'git bash' tool. No need to download and convert these softwares - Hope this will save your time of downloading and converting keys and get you more time on EC2 things.


If you have Linux machine just install puttygen in your system and use use below command to convert the key

pem to ppk use below command:

puttygen keyname -o keyname.ppk

Below command is use to convert ppk to pem not pem to ppk

puttygen filename.ppk -O private-openssh -o filename.pem


  1. Save YourPEMFILE.pem to your .ssh directory
  2. Run puttygen from Command Prompt

    a. Click “Load” button to “Load an existing private key file”
    b. Change the file filter to “All Files (.)
    c. Select the YourPEMFILE.pem
    d. Click Open
    e. Puttygen shows a notice saying that it Successfully imported foreign key. Click OK.
    f. Click “Save private key” button
    g. When asked if you are sure that you want to save without a passphrase entered, answer “Yes”.
    h. Enter the file name YourPEMFILE.ppk
    i. Click “Save”


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