How do I run a file on localhost?


How do I actually run a file on localhost? I know it is working, but how do I run a file on it, and how do I verify that the file is in fact running on localhost?

Server newbie here, additional questions (I have xampp running Apache 2.2): From your responses it sounds like I have to type in the path in the browser in order to open the file on the localhost. So, if I want to have the file in a subdirectory, I would have to type the full path including the directory?

Is there a way to have the browser point to the localhost while I am working on my html, instead of having to type in the path all the time?

I am working in Dreamweaver CS3, and want to use include commands (either SSI or PHP), but not have to keep putting my files up on HostGator in order to see if they are working.

What is the best way to do this (please be specific, I know nothing). If there is a detailed tutorial anywhere, really appreciate a link.

Thank you

11/23/2008 10:07:12 PM

I'm not really sure what you mean, so I'll start simply:

If the file you're trying to "run" is static content, like HTML or even Javascript, you don't need to run it on "localhost"... you should just be able to open it from wherever it is on your machine in your browser.

If it is a piece of server-side code (ASP[.NET], php, whatever else, uou need to be running either a web server, or if you're using Visual Studio, start the development server for your application (F5 to debug, or CTRL+F5 to start without debugging).

If you're using a web server, you'll need to have a web site configured with the home directory set to the directory the file is in (or, just put the file in whatever home directory is configured).

If you're using Visual Studio, the file just needs to be in your project.


Localhost is the computer you're using right now. You run things by typing commands at the command prompt and pressing Enter. If you're asking how to run things from your programming environment, then the answer depends on which environment you're using. Most languages have commands with names like system or exec for running external programs. You need to be more specific about what you're actually looking to do, and what obstacles you've encountered while trying to achieve it.


You can do it by running with following command.

php -S localhost:8888

Looking at your other question I assume you are trying to run a php or asp file or something on your webserver and this is your first attempt in webdesign.

Once you have installed php correctly (which you probably did when you got XAMPP) just place whatever file you want under your localhost (/www/var/html perhaps?) and it should run. You can check this of course at localhost/file.php in your browser.


Think of it this way.

Anything that you type after localhost/ is the path inside the root directory of your server(www or htdocs).

You don't need to specify the complete path of the file you want to run but just the path after the root folder because putting localhost/ takes you inside the root folder itself.


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