How to install VS2015 Community Edition offline


When visiting Microsoft website to download VS2015 you can download a file of a few MB in size to install Visual Studio. When you open the file it acquires the files necessary from internet, but you can not choose where these files are stored. How can I download the entire installation of Visual Studio 2015 to perform an offline installation? For example, for multiple machines.

5/6/2015 7:47:11 AM

Accepted Answer

Download the file of website and start it with the commandline switch "/layout" (see msdn to download visual studio 2015 installer for offline installation). So C:\vs_community.exe /layout for example. It asks for a location and the download begins.

EDIT: With the ISO version you still need internet connection to be able to install ALL the features. As pointed out by Augusto Barreto. enter image description here

12/28/2015 8:39:00 PM

As pointed in MSDN: Create an Offline Installation of Visual Studio:

To create an offline installation layout

  1. Choose the edition of Visual Studio that you want to install from the download page.

  2. After you download the installer to a location on your file system, run "<executable name> /layout". For example, run: en_visual_studio_community_2015.exe /layout D:\VisualStudio2015

    By using the /layout switch, you can download almost all the installation packages, not just the ones that apply to the download machine. This approach gives you the files that you need to run this installer anywhere and it might be useful if you want to install components that weren't installed originally.

  3. After you run this command, a dialog box will appear that allows you to change the folder where you want the offline installation layout to reside. Next, click the Download button.

    When the package download is successful, you should see a message that says Setup Successful! All specified components have been acquired successfully.

  4. Locate the folder that you specified earlier. (For example, locate D:\VisualStudio2015.) This folder contains everything you need to copy to a shared location or install media.

    Caution: Currently, the Android SDK does not support an offline installation experience. If you install Android SDK Setup items on a computer that is not connected to the internet, the installation might fail. For more information, see the "Troubleshooting an offline installation" section in this topic.

  5. Run the installation from the file location or from the install media.


Even if you download the ISO files there will be lots of stuff not included in the installer which requires connection to internet when installing, for example:

  • Emulators for Windows Mobile
  • Windows 10 SDK
  • Tools for Windows 10 Universal Apps
  • GitHub Extension for Visual Studio and Git CLI
  • C#/.NET Xamarin
  • Visual C++ Mobile Development (iOS support)
  • Joyent Node.js
  • Java SE Development Kit
  • Android SDK, NDK, and emulator

Perhaps some of them are not possible to include but it is annoying nonetheless.


I bumped into this page "Download #VisualStudio 2015 (ISO + Web Installer)" ( and the ISO link ( provided in this page seems to be valid.

I am downloading the ISO at this very moment.


Was able to download the ISO and burned into a DVD. Also tried installing (only C/C++) on a 64-bit Windows 10 laptop and everything seems to work except that the installer couldn't find and had to go to Internet to download packages\vcRedistD12\1033\vcredist_x64.exe (although this file does exist in DVD and runnable).