iOS how to set app icon and launch images


How do I set the images so that I can archive and validate my app? The screen looks like this now:

enter image description here

So the first one says 29pt, but then it also says 2x. So do I put a 29x29 image or a 58x58 image? And where do I put all of the other ones? (I know that there are more sizes than 29, 40, and 60).

Anyway, what I tried was I dragged a 29x29 png onto the first slot, a 40x40 onto the second, and a 60x60 onto the third and fourth. When I went to Product->Archive, I get

/Users/kendon/Documents/iPhone Apps/Sales Tool/Sales Tool/Images.xcassets: The app icon set named "AppIcon" did not have any applicable content.

2/20/2017 4:33:39 AM

I recently found this App called Icon Set Creator in the App Store which is free, without ads, updated on new changes, straight forward and works just fine for every possible icon size in OSX, iOS and WatchOS:

In Icon Set Creator:

  1. Drag your image into the view
  2. Choose your target platform
  3. Export the Icon Set folder


In XCode:

  1. Navigate to the Assets.xcassets Folder
  2. Delete the pre existing AppIcon
  3. Right click -> Import your created Icon-Set as AppIcon and you're done


To save a bit time:

1) You can mark your app icon images all in finder and drag them into your Assets catalog all at once by dragging into one of the empty slots of the app icon imageset. When you hold your drag over the slot, several of the other slots look selected and when you drop those all will be filled up at once. Note that this works in XCode 8 (I haven't tried XCode 7), but in XCode 9 beta not yet.

Dragging into app icon Asset catalog imageset

2) The "Technical Q&A QA1686" apple documentation site has the sizes per app icon slot already calculated for you in a nice image and also contains the correct image names conventions.

App icon sizes


The correct sizes are as following:






I use a tool called Prepo to produce all the right image sizes. You simply feed the app you image file and it will spit out each necessary file with an appropriate name.

Once you do this, you can then drag in the appropriate files or simply point to your Prepo exported folder.


Now a days is really easy to set app-icon, just go to add your image, they will send you all size of App-icon (Also for watch & itunes as well), now Click Assets.xcassets in the Project navigator and then choose AppIcon. Now you just have to drag n drop the icon as required.