Recommendations for Javascript Editor on Windows?


Are there any good recommendations anyone can provide for a good Javascript editor on Windows?

I currently use combinations of FireBug and TextPad but would hate to miss out on the party if there are better options out there.


9/11/2008 2:13:57 AM

Accepted Answer

In case you're a .Net programmer: VS 2008 has pretty great JS support including intellisense on dynamically added methods/properties and comfortable debugging.

8/25/2008 10:02:23 PM

I know jsight already mentioned this, but Aptana Studio really is a great, free editor for JavaScript if you find yourself doing a lot of work with it - it has great support for most of the well-known libraries. If it were not for the fact that I work with C# in addition to JavaScript, I would use Aptana for all of my work.


I use NotePad++ and am happy (of course, that is when I am not using Visual Studio).

NotePad++ contains support for intellisense type feature as well.


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I've tried out all of the above and my vote goes for Netbeans, which has been mentioned. However the answer didn't really sell you on the features which you can find here.

It has:

  • Intellisense including jQuery built in
  • Extended (Eclipse-style) documentation for functions
  • Function and field outlining
  • Code folding
  • Refactoring

It makes Visual Studio 2010's Javascript support look very primitive.



The Zeus editor has support for Java Script.

It has the stock standard set of features like code folding and syntax highlighting features etc, but more importantly Zeus is fully scriptable and Zeus scripts can be written in Java Script.


The best that I've ever used is Netbeans, although its kind of heavyweight for some tasks due to being a fullblown multi-language IDE (not just Javascript). I've also had pretty good experiences with Aptana IDE, though, and I hear that IntelliJ is good if you don't mind paying the price.


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