HashMap - getting First Key value


Below are the values contain in the HashMap

statusName {Active=33, Renewals Completed=3, Application=15}

Java code to getting the first Key (i.e Active)

Object myKey = statusName.keySet().toArray()[0];

How can we collect the first Key "Value" (i.e 33), I want to store both the "Key" and "Value" in separate variable.

5/24/2017 9:54:05 AM

Accepted Answer

You can try this:

 Map<String,String> map = new HashMap<>();
 Map.Entry<String,String> entry = map.entrySet().iterator().next();
 String key = entry.getKey();
 String value = entry.getValue();

Keep in mind, HashMap does not guarantee the insertion order. Use a LinkedHashMap to keep the order intact.


 Map<String,String> map = new LinkedHashMap<>();
 map.put("Renewals Completed","3");
 Map.Entry<String,String> entry = map.entrySet().iterator().next();
 String key= entry.getKey();
 String value=entry.getValue();


11/20/2017 10:30:38 PM

Java 8 way of doing,

String firstKey = map.keySet().stream().findFirst().get();


You may also try this for getting the entire first entry,

Map.Entry<String, String> entry = map.entrySet().stream().findFirst().get();
String key = entry.getKey();
String value = entry.getValue();

This to get only the key of the first entry,

String key = map.entrySet().stream().map(Map.Entry::getKey).findFirst().get();
// or better
String key = map.keySet().stream().findFirst().get();

This to get only the value of the first entry,

String value = map.entrySet().stream().map(Map.Entry::getValue).findFirst().get();
// or better
String value = map.values().stream().findFirst().get();

Moreover, in case you know what you are doing and you wish to get the second (same for third etc) item of a map, you should try this,

Map.Entry<String, String> entry = map.entrySet().stream().skip(1).findFirst().get();
String key = map.keySet().stream().skip(1).findFirst().get();
String value = map.values().stream().skip(1).findFirst().get();

how can we collect the first Key "Value" (i.e 33)

By using youMap.get(keyYouHave), you can get the value of it.

want to store the Both "Key" and "Value" in separate variable

Yes, you can assign that to a variable.

Wait's not over.

If you(business logic) are depending on the order of insertions and retrieving, you are going to see weird results. Map is not ordered they won't store in an order. Please be aware of that fact. Use some alternative to preserve your order. Probably a LinkedHashMap


Note that you should note that your logic flow must never rely on accessing the HashMap elements in some order, simply put because HashMaps are not ordered Collections and that is not what they are aimed to do. (You can read more about odered and sorter collections in this post).

Back to the post, you already did half the job by loading the first element key:

Object myKey = statusName.keySet().toArray()[0];

Just call map.get(key) to get the respective value:

Object myValue = statusName.get(myKey);

Improving whoami's answer. Since findFirst() returns an Optional, it is a good practice to check if there is a value.

 var optional = pair.keySet().stream().findFirst();

 if (!optional.isPresent()) {

 var key = optional.get();

Also, some commented that finding first key of a HashSet is unreliable. But sometimes we have HashMap pairs; i.e. in each map we have one key and one value. In such cases finding the first key of such a pair quickly is convenient.