Replace \n with actual new line in Sublime Text


How can I replace \n in Sublime Text with real in-editor displayed new line so:




in the editor when I view the file in it.

12/11/2013 3:08:16 PM

Accepted Answer

Turn on Regex Search and Replace (icon most to the left in search and replace bar or shortcut Alt + R)

Find What: \\n
Replace with: \n


1/11/2016 8:13:28 AM

Fool proof method (no RegEx and Ctrl+Enter didn't work for me as it was just jumping to next Find):

First, select an occurrence of \n and hit Ctrl+H (brings up the Replace... dialogue, also accessible through Find -> Replace... menu). This populates the Find what field.

Go to the end of any line of your file (press End if your keyboard has it) and select the end of line by holding down Shift and pressing (right arrow) EXACTLY once. Then copy-paste this into the Replace with field.

(the animation is for finding true new lines; works the same for replacing them)

enter image description here


In Sublime Text (with shortcuts on Mac):

  1. Highlight the text that you want to search to apply Find & Replace

  2. Go to Menu > Find > Replace... (Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + Command + F)

  3. In the Find & Replace tool, enable Regular Expression by clicking on the button which looks like [.*] (Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + Command + R)

  4. In Find What, type: \\n

    Note: The additional \ escapes the Regular Expression syntax when searched.

  5. In Replace With, type: \n

  6. Click on the 'Replace All' button (Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL + Alt + Enter)

Your literal text \n will then turn into an actual line break.


On Windows, Sublime text,

You press Ctrl + H to replace \n by a new line created by Ctrl + Enter.

Replace : \n

By : (press Ctrl + Enter)


None of the above worked for me in Sublime Text 2 on Windows.

I did this:

  • click on an empty line;
  • drag to the following empty line (selecting the invisible character after the line);
  • press ctrl+H for replace;
  • input desired replacement character/string or leave it empty;
  • click "Replace all";

By selecting before hitting ctrl+H it uses that as the character to be replaced.


What I did is simple and straightforward.

Enter Space or \n or whatever you want to find to Find.

Then hit Find All at right bottom corner, this will select all results.

Then hit enter on your keyboard and it will break all selected into new lines.