How to run a PowerShell script


How do I run a PowerShell script?

  • I have a script named myscript.ps1
  • I have all the necessary frameworks installed
  • I set that execution policy thing
  • I have followed the instructions on this MSDN help page and am trying to run it like so: powershell.exe 'C:\my_path\yada_yada\run_import_script.ps1' (with or without --noexit)

which returns exactly nothing, except that the file name is output.

No error, no message, nothing. Oh, when I add -noexit, the same thing happens, but I remain within PowerShell and have to exit manually.

The .ps1 file is supposed to run a program and return the error level dependent on that program's output. But I'm quite sure I'm not even getting there yet.

What am I doing wrong?

11/11/2018 5:28:45 AM

Accepted Answer

  1. Launch Windows PowerShell, and wait a moment for the PS command prompt to appear
  2. Navigate to the directory where the script lives

    PS> cd C:\my_path\yada_yada\ (enter)
  3. Execute the script:

    PS> .\run_import_script.ps1 (enter)

What am I missing??

Or: you can run the PowerShell script from cmd.exe like this:

powershell -noexit "& ""C:\my_path\yada_yada\run_import_script.ps1""" (enter)

according to this blog post here

Or you could even run your PowerShell script from your C# application :-)

Asynchronously execute PowerShell scripts from your C# application

10/5/2019 2:04:10 PM

If you are on PowerShell 2.0, use PowerShell.exe's -File parameter to invoke a script from another environment, like cmd.exe. For example:

Powershell.exe -File C:\my_path\yada_yada\run_import_script.ps1

If you want to run a script without modifying the default script execution policy, you can use the bypass switch when launching Windows PowerShell.

powershell [-noexit] -executionpolicy bypass -File <Filename>


powershell -executionpolicy bypass -File .\Test.ps1

NOTE: Here Test.ps1 is the PowerShell script.


I've had the same problem, and I tried and tried... Finally I used:

powershell.exe -noexit "& 'c:\Data\ScheduledScripts\ShutdownVM.ps1'"

And put this line in a batch-file, and this works.


If you only have PowerShell 1.0, this seems to do the trick well enough:

powershell -command - < c:\mypath\myscript.ps1

It pipes the script file to the PowerShell command line.


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