An error has occured. Please see log file - eclipse juno


Whenever I start up Eclipse Juno, it gives me an error saying:

An error had occured. Please see the log file:

C:\Program Files\eclipse\configuration\1362989254411.log.

Some websites say to uninstall jdk and install it back again. I did that, but it didn't work. I think it was because on their website, the error is happening IN the workspace. Mine is on the program files folder, which is in the computer.

It happened after updating it. Should I downgrade. If so, how? If I can't downgrade, what should I do?

2/19/2017 1:00:34 PM

Solved :

  1. Quit eclipse
  2. GO to your workspace and delete .metadata folder
  3. Now open eclipse with same Workspace path ( You will see as a new workspace )
  4. Now right click import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace > next > Select root directory -> browse to your current workspace and press OK.
  5. Now you will all see your all projects and then hit OK again.
  6. Voila, same projects with same workspace no migration or reference problem.

After trying everything else, this solves my issue.


Delete the .metadata folder from workspace and start the eclipse and now again import all project in same workspace, this worked for me.


In my mac machine, I checked whether I installed two java versions or not. I got this error. Because i installed two java at a time.

User -> Library -> Java -> JavaVirtualMachines -> version 1.8.0 and version 11.0.1 has been installed.

I removed version 11.0.1. Now its working fine.


I deleted the entire .metadata folder, and it worked for me.


The best way is to delete all the *.snap files from /.metadata/.plugins/