How do you create a remote Git branch?


I created a local branch which I want to 'push' upstream. There is a similar question here on Stack Overflow on how to track a newly created remote branch.

However, my workflow is slightly different. First I want to create a local branch, and I will only push it upstream when I'm satisfied and want to share my branch.

  • How would I do that? (my google searches did not seem to come up with anything).
  • How would I tell my colleagues to pull it from the upstream repository?

UPDATE With Git 2.0 there is a simpler answer I have written below:

5/23/2017 12:02:59 PM

Accepted Answer

Simple Git 2.0+ solution:

As of Git 2.0 the behaviour has become simpler:

You can configure git with push.default = current to make life easier:

I added this so now I can just push a new branch upstream with

$ git push -u

-u will track remote branch of same name. Now with this configuration you will auto-guess the remote reference to git push. From git.config documentation:


Defines the action git push should take if no refspec is explicitly given.

push.default = current - push the current branch to update a branch with the same name on the receiving end. Works in both central and non-central workflows.

For me, this is a good simplification of my day-to-day Git workflow. The configuration setting takes care of the 'usual' use case where you add a branch locally and want to create it remotely. Also, I can just as easily create local branches from remotes by just doing git co remote_branch_name (as opposed to using --set-upstream-to flag).

I know this question and the accepted answers are rather old, but the behaviour has changed so that now configuration options exists to make your workflow simpler.

To add to your global Git configuration, run this on the command line:

$ git config --global push.default current
1/14/2019 9:54:56 AM

First, you must create your branch locally

git checkout -b your_branch

After that, you can work locally in your branch, when you are ready to share the branch, push it. The next command push the branch to the remote repository origin and tracks it

git push -u origin your_branch

Teammates can reach your branch, by doing:

git fetch
git checkout origin/your_branch

You can continue working in the branch and pushing whenever you want without passing arguments to git push (argumentless git push will push the master to remote master, your_branch local to remote your_branch, etc...)

git push

Teammates can push to your branch by doing commits and then push explicitly

... work ...
git commit
... work ...
git commit
git push origin HEAD:refs/heads/your_branch

Or tracking the branch to avoid the arguments to git push

git checkout --track -b your_branch origin/your_branch
... work ...
git commit
... work ...
git commit
git push

As stated in the previous answers,

git push <remote-name> <local-branch-name>:<remote-branch-name>

is enough for pushing a local branch.

Your colleagues, can pull all remote branches (including new ones) with this command:

git remote update

Then, to make changes on the branch, the usual flow:

git checkout -b <local-branch-name> <remote-name>/<remote-branch-name>

Create a new branch locally based on the current branch:

git checkout -b newbranch

Commit any changes as you normally would. Then, push it upstream:

git push -u origin HEAD

This is a shortcut to push the current branch to a branch of the same name on origin and track it so that you don't need to specify origin HEAD in the future.


If you want to create a branch from the current branch

git checkout -b {your_local_branch_name} 

you want a branch from a remote branch, you can try

git checkout -b {your_local_branch_name} origin/<remote_branch_name>

If you are done with changes you can add the file.

git add -A or git add <each_file_names>

Then do a commit locally

git commit -m 'your commit message'

When you want to push to remote repo

git push -u origin <your_local_branch_name>

All together will be

git checkout -b bug_fixes 

or If you want to create a branch from a remote branch say development

git checkout -b bug_fixes origin/development

You can push to the branch to remote repo by

git push -u origin bug_fixes

Anytime you want to update your branch from any other branch say master.

git pull origin master.


If you wanna actually just create remote branch without having the local one, you can do it like this:

git push origin HEAD:refs/heads/foo

It pushes whatever is your HEAD to branch foo that did not exist on the remote.


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