jQuery append() and remove() element


I have a form where I'm dynamically adding the ability to upload files with the append function but I would also like to be able to remove unused fields. Here is the html markup

<span class="inputname">Project Images:
    <a href="#" class="add_project_file"><img src="images/add_small.gif" border="0"></a>
<span class="project_images">
    <input name="upload_project_images[]" type="file" /><br/>

Right now if they click on the "add" gif a new row is added with this jquery

$('a.add_project_file').click(function() {
    $(".project_images").append('<input name="upload_project_images[]" type="file" class="new_project_image" /> <a href="#" class="remove_project_file" border="2"><img src="images/delete.gif"></a><br/>');
    return false;

To remove the input box i've tried to add the class "remove_project_file" then add this function.

$('a.remove_project_file').click(function() {
    return false;

I think there should be a much easier way to do this. Maybe i need to use the $(this) function for the remove. Another possible solution would be to expand the "add project file" to do both adding and removing fields.

Any of you JQuery wizards have any ideas that would be great

5/4/2013 4:10:01 PM

Accepted Answer

Since this is an open-ended question, I will just give you an idea of how I would go about implementing something like this myself.

<span class="inputname">
    Project Images:
    <a href="#" class="add_project_file">
        <img src="images/add_small.gif" border="0" />

<ul class="project_images">
    <li><input name="upload_project_images[]" type="file" /></li>

Wrapping the file inputs inside li elements allows to easily remove the parent of our 'remove' links when clicked. The jQuery to do so is close to what you have already:

// Add new input with associated 'remove' link when 'add' button is clicked.
$('.add_project_file').click(function(e) {

      + '<input name="upload_project_images[]" type="file" class="new_project_image" /> '
      + '<a href="#" class="remove_project_file" border="2"><img src="images/delete.gif" /></a>'
      + '</li>');

// Remove parent of 'remove' link when link is clicked.
$('.project_images').on('click', '.remove_project_file', function(e) {

11/19/2013 4:14:48 PM

You can call a reset function before appending. Something like this:

    function resetNewReviewBoardForm() {
    $("#members").empty(); //this one what worked in my case

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