A hex viewer / editor plugin for Notepad++?


I have had a look through the plugins as well as searched the forum for Notepad++ and have not seen a solution to editing data as hex in Notepad++.

I am after the same kind of functionality that UltraEdit offers (see the screenshot below) where you can edit the document either directly or via entering new hex characters.

Screenshot from UltraEdit's hex editor

10/30/2013 3:18:57 PM

Is a completely different (but still free) application an option? I use HxD, and it serves me better than the Notepad++ plugin. It can calculate hashes, open memory of a process, it is fast at opening files of any size, and it works exceptionally well with the clipboard.

I used to use the Notepad++ plugin, but not anymore.


According to some comments on Super User it still works :) It just should be copied back to the plugins folder (if it's in the disabled folder) or downloaded from Plugins Central. I have downloaded it a few minutes ago and succeeded in using it.

Of course, be warned: this plugin COULD be unstable in some situations - that's why it was disabled.


The hex editor plugin mentioned by ellak still works, but it seems that you need the TextFX Characters plugin as well.

I initially installed only the hex plugin and Notepad++ would no longer pop up; instead it started eating memory (killed it at 1.2 GB). I removed it again and for other reasons installed the TextFX plugin (based on Find multiple lines in Notepad++)

Out of curiosity I installed the hex plugin again and now it works.

Note that this is on a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit.