Tool to compare directories (Windows 7)


Due to some SVN movement I got disconnected from SVN while I was in middle of a fairly large enhancement.

Now I have my current workspace (with changes and disconnected from SVN) and new workspace (latest from SVN).

I need to manually update the new workspace with the changes so I could check them in.

So I am looking out for a tool that can let me compare the two workspaces, tell for new files and folders and also updated files.

Does a tool like this exist? If so, could you recommend a good one?

9/14/2016 7:59:58 AM

Accepted Answer

I use WinMerge. It is free and works pretty well (works for files and directories).

1/19/2015 8:28:52 AM

The tool that richardtz suggests is excellent.

Another one that is amazing and comes with a 30 day free trial is Araxis Merge. This one does a 3 way merge and is much more feature complete than winmerge, but it is a commercial product.

You might also like to check out Scott Hanselman's developer tool list, which mentions a couple more in addition to winmerge