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Is Eclipse at all theme-able? I would like to install a dark color scheme for it, since I much prefer white text on dark background than the other way around.

7/6/2014 4:22:01 PM

Accepted Answer

As posted to a few related questions already, I'm working on a plugin for easy, cross-editor color theme management:

It is still work in progress, but already supports many editors and a few dark color themes.

1/12/2011 2:17:25 AM

I've created my own dark color scheme (based on Oblivion from gedit), which I think is very nice to work with.

Preview & details at:

We're happy to announce the beta of, a new website to download, create and maintain Eclipse color themes / schemes. The theme editor allows you to copy an existing theme and edit the colors with a live preview of your changes on specific editors. The downloadable themes support a lot of editors (PHP, Java, SQL, Ant, text, HTML, CSS, and more to follow)

There's a growing list of themes already available on the site:

Screenshot of

You can read more about the launch here.


Here's a guy that posted his Eclipse preferences for changing the colors like a theme:


And here's more about how to set the colors in the Ganymede Eclipse version (v. 3.4, mid 2008):


For Linux users, assuming you run a compositing window manager (Compiz), you can just turn the window negative. I use Eclipse like this all the time, the normal (whitie) looks is blowing my eyes off.


These are the pleasing colors for my eyes during coding. Jazz music not included in theme.

Screenshot of LukinaJama3

Eclipse Color Themes Plugin file: LukinaJama3.xml on depositfiles


This is the best place for Eclipse color themes:


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