Get full path of a file with FileUpload Control


I am working on a web application which uses the FileUpload control. I have an xls file in the full filepath 'C:\Mailid.xls' that I am attempting to upload.

When I use the command


I cannot get the full filepath from my system. However, when I use the above command in another system it works fine.

I also tried the following commands with no success:


How can I get full path?

11/21/2009 11:19:58 PM

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Edit: This answer describes how to get the path to a file on the server. It does not describe how to get the path to a file on the client, which is what the question asked. The answer to that question is "you can't", because modern browser will not tell you the path on the client, for security reasons.

7/23/2014 11:02:39 PM

Perhaps you misunderstand the way FileUpload works.

When you upload a file, it is effectively being transferred from the client's computer to the server hosting your application. If you're developing the application, most times, both client and server are the same machine (your computer). Once the application is deployed however, there could be any number of clients connecting to the server, each uploading a different file.

Knowing the full path of the file on the client's computer usually isn't necessary - you'll often want to do something with the file contents. Your examples seem like ASP.NET C#, so I'm guessing you're using the FileUpload control. You can get at the uploaded file's contents by reading the raw stream (FileUpload.PostedFile.InputStream) or by saving the file first (FileUpload.PostedFile.SaveAs), then accessing the saved file. It's your responsibility to save the file, if you want it to be accessible after the current request - if you don't, ASP.NET deletes it.

One more thing - don't forget to set the enctype property on your form to "multipart/form-data". If you don't, the client's browser won't send the file, and you'll spend quite a few minutes wondering what went wrong.


As of IE8, the full path is no longer sent to sites in the Internet Zone.

See the "File Upload Control" section at the end of this post: for discussion.


FileUpload will never give you the full path for security reasons.



Just to give my 2 cents.

At this moment I also DO get the full user's local path. It's only from 1 machine that I can replicate this issue, but it really does give the full path of the file at the machine of the user.

This is a end-user of our application which is hosted on a off-site server. So it's not on the local machine nor on a local server from which it might happen to be a share.

You can resolve the issue, at least to have the same behaviour all the time by this:


Btw, just found this article which states it can happen too:

Just to confirm the issue.


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