How to fix: Error device not found with ADB.exe


In cmd when I try to do the command:

adb shell

it shows device not found error. Can someone help me please. It'll be appreciated.

5/22/2012 3:24:24 PM

It depends on windows system but usually:

  1. you go to system properties
  2. look at hardware devices
  3. Right click on the yellow (has to be yellow if it's driver problem) icon representing your mobile device
  4. select property
  5. Then go on the driver tab
  6. select update driver
  7. choose the bottom selection find on local computer
  8. then choose manually
  9. From the windows opened look for driver disk the bottom right button
  10. Choose the driver from the folder <sdk>\extras\google\usb_driver\i386 (or amd64 for and).
  11. Remember to uncheck the show only compatible hardware.
  12. Then choose the driver
  13. When windows warn your about possible incompatibility go on.

For my mobile it works, but depend on your mobile if it work or not.

Hope this help, bye.


Try any of the following solutions. I get errors with adb every now and then. And one of the following always works.

Solution 1
Open command prompt as administrator and enter

  1. adb kill-server
  2. adb start-server

Solution 2
Install drivers for your phone if you're not testing on emulator.

Solution 3
Open android sdk manager and install "Google USB Driver" from extras folder. (attached screenshot)

Android SDK Google USB Driver missing

Solution 4
Go to settings > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging.
(If you don't see Developer Options, Go to Settings > About Phone > Keep tapping "Build number" until it says "You're a developer!"

Enable USB Debugging


If you installed Eclipse have Android SDK, go to DDMS. If the list device display "?????????"

you do adb kill-server and then adb start-server.

Please make sure you install USB driver and enable debug mode.


Another issue here is that you likely need to turn off "connect as media device" to be able to connect with adb.


For me, I have to Revoke USB debugging authorizations in Developer Options. Here is the steps:

  1. Turn off USB Debugging,
  2. Revoke USB debugging authorizations,
  3. Plug the cable back in,
  4. Turn on USB Debugging